“Having danced five rhythms for over 15 years I was excited to try a different form of movement. Tali’s classes are unique and inspiring, helping me to explore and move my body in new and exciting ways, both internally and externally. She is a warm and encouraging sensitive teacher. I value and recommend her work.” Sarah-Marie

I enjoyed a wonderful evening on Oct 2nd exploring body & movement. I have been looking for something like this class for years. It is unique, powerful & Tali held the space & inspired the movement beautifully. I look forward to the rest of the programme. Maggie

“What I love about Tali’s class is that it gets me moving in such a variety of ways that you just can’t get from going to the gym or running for example, and it’s creative and joyful at the same time! Tali is so sweet and lovely but also very focused on gently directing the class through the many creative ways our bodies can move. She infuses the environment with her calming presence, sweet incense and excellent music and creates this beautiful relaxing space to delve within to find and express creativity through the art of dance and movement. And sometimes she sings, which is an absolute joy. Heavenly!” Jasmina

“Tali draws on a wide range of traditions and influences to create each unique class, and your body and movement is supported by the music she plays which can include live instruments. She takes you on a journey through a range of textures of sounds she has chosen, which she adapts to her students needs during the class.” P

”Movement matters workshop with Tali was for me an amazing exploration of my body in a safe space held by lovely Tali. Her way is gentle, playful, kind, highly professional and light. She holds the space where I felt like in a secret ceremony. Tali’s amazing guidance allowed me to explore places within me which I have forgotten. Big Thank you and much love Dear Tali,” Ivana

“The workshop Tali gave was amazing to be a part of. She created a safe exploratory space that made me feel like I could really let go. Gently and playfully reminding/revealing the polarities that exist within us and how through our bodies we can choose which we tap into at any given time. She opened up choice and possibility. Hearing the group discussion at the end it was clear how much participants had benefitted from the workshop. I really look forward to doing more of Tali’s workshops in the near future!Helen K

“Tali puts a huge amount of thought and care into every class and even the room itself to make it a very comfortable, nurturing and supportive space for whatever movement, big or small, your body feels like making.” P

“This work brought many new insights to me. I asked if it was possible to book 1:1 classes as well. It was! I had 5 individual 1,5 hours sessions and this is really something I can recommend to anyone! It is more expensive then a group class, but you receive guidance, challenges and feedback that speaks directly to you. I learned so much about myself when neglected parts of the body suddenly got attention! It was a joyful process! I usually live in Sweden and am very happy that I found this during my stay in Brighton. Thank you Tali!” 

“It was so lovely to be welcomed into this atmospheric space with an eclectic mix of soundscapes and music to accompany my movement. Tali had lit the room so well and gave the room a unique feel, with the streetlight coming through the open windows and she had laid out creative objects to give the room personality. It was important for me to feel comfortable in the space, as I had come from a distance for this session and did not know what to expect. Tali used her voice so well with her choice of words (and later in her own earthy vocal sounds and chanting) to provide vocal guidance in the space as she introduced me to my movement journey. She had a very soft, nurturing and encouraging way about her and I felt supported, as we worked on the theme of exploring the different sides of our bodies. I felt I could really go in and have a look, I did not realise there were so many nooks and crannies and ways to experience my inner landscape and Tali helped with finding different routes in and viewpoints. She really helped me observe where I was perhaps becoming stuck in habitual ways of moving and to listen quietly to impulses which could take me into something different, finding freedom in certain areas I had not had the courage to totally explore before.” Helen

“There was a real sense of inner spaciousness in the way we worked today. Having one simple theme also gave my mind something to chew on and fed into my final flows. Tali’s supportive soundscapes were enlivening too. There was definitely some magic weaving going on. The session left me in quite a quiet space. I would describe the experience as gently shamanic, accessible, mindful and timeless.” Hannah

“Tali’s classes are like precious windows open to the landscape of the body, showing new directions, enabling experimentation, supported through her grounding and beautiful voice. And then I am dancing in the forest, to open my eyes and see I am in the studio. Thank you Tali.” Claudia

“I work in an office job all week, and I look forward to this class as the perfect antidote from unwinding from all those busy things we have to do for others – to getting back to yourself again. A great way to end the week, and start the weekend! Thanks so much for all your classes Tali!” P

I’ve really enjoyed all of Tali’s classes, its a very open movement class, free of having to do specific things – beyond what feels right for you’re body – which could be moving a lot, to just lying on the floor!” Pranath

“I think that your classes are absolutely priceless, what you do is amazing and with so much thought, skill and guidance – I am so happy to be attending them and happily spend money on them.” Clara

“Tali has a creative and varied movement vocabulary and can teach people to develop a love and awareness of their movement with simplicity and generosity” Sandra

“The Movement Matters class was the first time for a while that I really felt connected to my body through dance. The choice of music as well as Tali’s drumming and use of her own voice led me to a sense of freedom to move and explore.” Gabriel

“You are very shamanic, and I like very much your lead, movement, drumming and amazing voice!” Peter L

“Going to the forest with Tali was a wonderful experience. I felt timeless and deeply connected to the nature and my inner-self. I remember a magical moment when I was looking at leaves on big trees, and how they move by the wind. Tali started to play the drum. As soon as I heard the sound, the leaves looked different. They looked more vivid and alive as if they were telling me something. I was tuned to the nature instantly with the sound. Thank you TaliMaki

“The name “Movement matters” made me curious. I had previously participated in free movement classes such as 5 rhythms and wanted to explore movements more! I felt like I had been repeating the same movements again and again and wondered how to expand my movement vocabulary? When I came to the Movement Matters class I immediately got a strong sense of freedom and guidance at the same time. We were only 4 participants then and I felt that Tali supported us all. In one of the recurrent exercises we were asked to stop and feel the shape and then continue from there, it made me more conscious of how I use my body. Sometimes Tali inspired me to try new ways of moving simply by moving in the room herself and thus introducing a different movement or she asks us to focus on a specific part of the body. Tali has a theme for every class, but I also find her very present in the moment, working intuitively with adding live music and sounds that inspires new movements.”

“Really enjoyed the workshops I did at ‘About Balance’. Sometimes I had a playful connecting experience, whilst at others the mood was more introspective, thanks for your warm and supportive teaching ” Richard

“I enjoyed a wonderful evening on Oct 2nd 2015 exploring body & movement. I have been looking for something like this class for years. It is unique, powerful & Tali held the space & inspired the movement beautifully. I look forward to the rest of the programme.” Maggie

“I always feel very present at the end of each class, this practice has a very calming effect and at the same time it makes me feel more alive and energised.” F

“Just a quick email to express my sincerest gratitude for your class last night, I found it truly magical! It was exactly the type of Embodiment movement work I’ve been looking to enjoy since moving to Brighton and am so grateful for your ability to hold the space in such a gentle and supportive way. ” Elise

“I’ve loved the freedom and openness that the class offers and am very grateful for it and really hope that I can continue to incorporate this practice into my life.” F

“Thank you Tali for holding a beautiful space… I discovered a whole new way of moving with a chair!!! Highly recommend putting next date in diary… it’s not teaching you to dance it’s reminding you to discover your own movement with fun ideas and prompts… no experience needed. ” Samira

“The sessions are always an interesting exploration of different aspects and qualities of movements, and I always felt guided in a supportive and warm way. I am usually very self-conscious but session after session I felt more free to express and move freely.” F

“So I’ve been attending ‘movement matters’ classes for about 2 months. In that short time I’ve certainly noticed many pleasant happenings. When I first came I felt quite self conscious (even though I knew that that’s not how I really am). The classes have helped me to really engage in my playful side and to connect to my body (rather than being in my head). I guess more than anything I’ve gained a greater awareness of myself and how I’m feeling which really helps to navigate the chaotic outside world.” Felicia

“Movement Matters was such a delight. Amazing live music from both Rowan and Tali with a magical held space for exploring inner landscapes that encourage a deep letting go into my own movement. Really fun too! Thanks.” Clive

“Tali that was completely wonderful. So refreshingly different and such fun… What you teach helps me into the sensitivities of my body ready to express and explore…I get so much from it. So good to be connected through your teaching to the intensity and movement inside. What you do isn’t too raw… It’s exciting, original and passionate.” P

“Fabulous session today. Very skilled facilitator – thanks my dear Tali. so looking forward to next week already. Appreciation to you.” Helen D

“I wanted to let you know again that I found the session extremely valuable…You are an amazingly gifted teacher, and I look forward to exploring more with you.” P





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