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Movement Matters with Tali Davies Programme 2019

Classes due to restart. Watch this space!

Movement Matters with Tali Davies Programme 2017

Theme 2: Winter Spaces ~ reshape, resound & return

“What I love about Tali’s class is that it gets me moving in such a variety of ways that you just can’t get from going to the gym or running for example, and it’s creative and joyful at the same time! Tali is so sweet and lovely but also very focused on gently directing the class through the many creative ways our bodies can move. She infuses the environment with her calming presence, sweet incense and excellent music and creates this beautiful relaxing space to delve within to find and express creativity through the art of dance and movement. And sometimes she sings, which is an absolute joy. Heavenly!

Where: About Balance, 20-22 Gloucester Pl, Brighton, BN1 3AA (please ignore leaflet address below as address has since changed to this)

Cost: £12 (£10 concession) – drop in (£55 for 6 classes)

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These classes are intended as an inner resource for you to experience yourself, including and celebrating however that may sound, feel or look in this moment. Begin this journey of finding your sound, alongside your movement, however you may want to continue it!

Tali offers gentle guidance, live sounding and music as a way of activating your wider vocabulary of movements.

No movement experience necessary!

Drop in anytime for any class that appeals to you! One to one movement sessions also available.

You will be guided to:

    • discover what happens when you try a different movement quality ​
    • explore one attitude and its opposite through movement, move between the two
    • follow your line of movement
    • become aware of what you notice and practise giving it value
    • develop your sense of witnessing, listening and moving
    • notice how you move through space – do you prefer staying in one spot or travelling?
    • become aware of the soundscape you are already part of, adding your own sounds to it 
    • experiment with sound variation alongside your movement
    • practise finding your ‘stopping’, and ‘resting’
  • take time and space for personal digestion and integration

Benefits you will receive:

    • development of an inner resource and practise to apply to daily life
    • empowerment
    • sense of grounding and expansion
    • re-alignment to your full potential
    • spaciousness to rediscover your breath and your being
  • nourishment of your well-being

Please bring water and wear comfortable clothes.

My Background

Tali Rose (MA) has trained extensively in various movement practices for the last ten years. She qualified in 2009 as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and then went on to train with Dr Sandra Reeve on her ‘Move into Life’ programme which follows the principles of Amerta Movement for the past 5 years, including a year’s apprenticeship. Also working with movement artist and founder of the practise Amerta Movement, SuPrapto Suryodarmo, Java.

Tali combines a love and fascination of everyday movement, a deep connection to nature and our environment and a strong belief in creating a platform for people to follow their own movements and really feel their freedom through their bodies on the stage of life.

Contact Tali directly: movementmattersinfo@gmail.com

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