Human Heart – Moving from the heart spreading


“The coronary artery, the vessels of which
literally ‘crown’ the top of the heart,
carries oxygenated blood first to the heart itself. The heart first nourishes
itself so that it may then nourish the rest
of the body. In nature itself, we too must
nourish ourselves first in order to sustain
the resources with which we can share
with others.” (Hartley, L. Wisdom of the Body Moving)

Take time to re-nourish your heart in this workshop. Our heart has learnt many ways to protect against, harden towards, or open itself in response to life. In fact, it holds much power and the key to moving forward, so let’s give it articulation and time.

Our organs can embody our emotional attitudes. When we shift our attention to listening to them, we can experience such feelings and attitudes. For the heart, we can move the polarities such as open and closed, offering and receiving, giving and taking, kindness and blame.  You will also be guided to experience your heart spreading throughout your whole body as you connect to nourishing your entire being, which in turn nourishes your environment and community.

Life no longer is when the heart stops beating. So come and celebrate the presence and life of this continually pulsing organ!

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