Moving and Sounding


Each time I hold a Movement Matters class or workshop, the thing that strikes a chord with participants the most is when I create a supportive and alive atmosphere for people’s movement journey with my sounds (various instruments or my voice).

I used to be shy, finding it hard to articulate even, and singing…well that was a big no no, having always been told that I sung flatly by friends and teachers. How things change! Now I run classes that incorporate holding the space with sound and am evolving this new resource I have of sounding. Participants are most touched by the fact it reaches something deep inside them that could perhaps not be articulated. Others feed back that they would dearly love to bring their voice to life in a similar way.

What creates this gap that means that there is such a deep longing inside people to connect to this part of themselves? We are each moving towards WHOLENESS after all. This means giving EQUAL value to our voice as well as our body and our mind. Embracing it all.

As an extension of our body, is our voice. We can get into verbal rutts, using the same words, same expressions, over and over…why don’t we play with this? And find our fullest potential through experimenting with our own sounds, volume and pitch?

In my own personal journey, it took being around a camp fire, shaker in hand, in the land of Peru, 2004, to get me to begin dropping my self-consciousness and facing the block in my throat. Gradually, throughout my training with Sandra Reeve and Su Prapto Suryadarmo, both of whom hold the space with sounding, prayers and chants rather than recorded music, I began to unfurl into a more expanded version of myself. Knowing the sense of empowerment it gave, I felt confident to begin sharing this in my own groups, thoroughly enjoying the powerful, altered, time-less realm it creates. Over time, my sounding has become clearer, with more variation, that has in turn given me and the participants in my groups so much pleasure. I have the honour of greeting their movements and their spirits, marking their transitions from one way of moving to another updated way of moving, celebrating their sifting and their shifting.

I have created three consecutive classes exploring Moving and Sounding starting 6th January, 13th January and 20th January 2016. See classes for more info and to book.