Why Movement Matters?


 Why Movement Matters?

The main emphasis of my work is to tend to the heart, to inner yearnings that through movement exploration, become concretised.

Unless this is expressed by each human being, we can spend our lives longing, feeling like we haven’t fully expressed what we were meant to be. We can become stuck as a result. This then gives rise to feelings of stagnation in our life, depression, lack of confidence, and ultimately loss of interest in connection and our community.  The time is NOW to shimmy towards and into our fullest, happiest and expansive potential in human form. After this, the world is our oyster!

Dance has existed throughout the ages as a well-known medium to express the soul and the spirit. It is the vessel through which we experience the light within as well as the darker shades of our experience. It is our home, our temple, and our birthright to feel good (with) in. Yet, too often we forget our bodies, we forget that we even have a multitude of tubes and organs inside all longing for space to breathe as we begin to open to the possibility of stretching out of our everyday habits of moving.

We can discover through movement that it supports the experience of freedom and sense of expansion that exists within. Moving with others creates a chance to share this awareness as well as connecting through the commonalities we all experience in this multi-faceted, and at times, whirl-windish experience of living. Giving us the chance to practise the art of embodying being at rest and at peace in ourselves within the eye of the storm.

Within Movement Matters classes, my guidance points you towards finding the variation in your movements, challenging any fixed sense of self and gives you the space to create new choices through your body. I believe movement encourages an essential outlet for you to be able to articulate and shape your inner and outer worlds. Thus leading to a more meaningful, satisfying and happy life.

The healing powers of sounding and music are weaved into the classes as I believe sound reaches places that words cannot. Sounds are offered to support you in your movement, creating a sacred, soft atmosphere within which it feels safe to move into your fullest, widest self.

Other benefits of Movement Matters:

  • discover that in changing the way you move, you change your patterns of thoughts & feelings
  • explore and enjoy expressing your widest, fullest self
  • opportunity to develop personal creative potential
  • empowers you to make fresh choices, frees you from compulsive habits
  • increases self-confidence & self-empowerment
  • find pleasure in your movement ~ why not?
  • provides a safe environment within which to test the impact of self on others
  • relaxes, de-stresses, and helps you unwind